Facebook class: Bootcamp for tomorrow’s Silicon Valley stars

Por By Elisabeth Braw

Mark Zuckerberg, who? At Stanford University, students are taught how to create equally successful companies.  The first graduates have companies worth millions.  “You should be able to create a business idea and launch it within 40 minutes”, says their professor.

The company founded and run by Evan Reas has 10 employees and $6 million in funding from investors. Reas’s business concept is simple: his website, lal.com, allows college students to flirt online. And US college students apparently don’t get to flirt enough in real life: thousands have joined Reas’s website.

Reas himself is still just 26. He’s one of the super-enterpreneurs trained at Stanford University’s “Facebook class”. “The class was extremely practical”, says Reas. “[Professor BJ Fogg] taught us the theory of entrepreneurship, but expected us to use it in the real world and try it out with small experiments to attempt to do it ourselves.  He wanted us to talk to users and to get real data ourselves rather than just reading it in a book.”

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