Fotos: 5 mujeres de talla grande que son increíbles en actividades para "flacas"

Por Luz Lancheros

I maintain this account to document my home #yoga practice- however, my practice doesn't begin and end on a yoga mat. I eat certain things, use certain products, and wear clothes from a wide variety of apparel designers. If I ever mention a product, take comfort in the fact that I have actually used each item and incorporate it into my daily health regiment and practice. Regardless of sponsorship, I never mention items I don't actually use, and I can't tell you how many offers I've declined from companies who are desperate for shameless social media promotion. I am not willing to promote products solely for the act of collecting money- if I say something about it, it's because I actually think you should give it a shot. If you have a problem with this policy, please know that my love still extends to you, but go if you must. Besides, if @serialpodcast & @nprinvisibilia can tout brands they like, I think it's cool if I do it, too. (This photo is a throwback to my first instagram challenge w/ the lovely @yogawithdavina- my feelings about the power of our instagram community haven't changed since then and I hope you feel the same way.)

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Muchos aún creen que las personas de talla grande no son felices o que ni siquiera hacen algo productivo con su vida. Hasta que aparece gente como Jessamyn Stanley, maestra de yoga, haciendo esto:

O Emma Haslam haciendo esto:

O esta mujer bailando al sonido de la darbuka árabe:

Y así como ellas, hay otras mujeres que destacan en actividades donde dominan las personas esbeltas. Por supuesto, gracias a esto inspiraron a otros a seguirlas.

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