La soldado que se transformó en la reina de Instagram como “Barbie de combate”

La sargento del Ejército de EEUU, ha servido por siete años y ahora es famosa por su nuevo apodo.

Por Nathaly Lepe

Tiene siete años formando parte del Ejército de Estados Unidos y es una ferviente seguidora de Donald Trump, dos aspectos que le han ayudado a construir su fama como la “Barbie de Combate” en Instagram. Eso y las atrevidas fotos que comparte en la red social.

La sargento Rianna Conner tiene más de 140 mil seguidores en su cuenta @riannaconner, donde además de compartir fotografías suyas con trajes de baño de la bandera de EEUU, sube mensajes inspiradores para las mujeres.

Back to the picture that started it all. The one with my crazy laugh-face, that went viral. 😊🇺🇸💋 I guess maybe it was because a few years ago no one thought that Marines (or any military girl) could also be feminine/girly. Well I broke that stereotype. Which is where "COMBAT BARBIE" started, when people tried to use it to mock me. But I accepted it full-heartedly. And along with all of the positivity and support I've received, I've also received A LOT of hate. And my favorite comments over the past few years have been ones like, "You need to cover up!" & "Shame on you!" My response has always been: "Oh you're offended by me showing my body, and you want me to cover up? Oh you mean like a Muslim? Yeah, not gonna happen! I am FREE to express myself in any way I choose." THIS IS AMERICA. And we like blondes, beer, bald-eagles, bacon, boots, bullets, and ESPECIALLY b👀bies. What can I say? I'm comfortable in my skin. I am who I am. And I've also dated a few guys who told me to cover up, and tried to tell me what to wear (which is abuse btw) and they would turn right around and go after other women who showed their bodies off! (Don't you just love hypocrites 😂) My point is, you should always be yourself no matter what. And NEVER let someone try to change who you are. 👊💪 You like lookin' conservative? Right on girl. You like rockin' that bikini? RIGHT ON GIRL. 🙌 And btw my FAVORITE comment of ALL TIME has been, "What would your parents say?!" HAHA! My Gramma and Momma ALWAYS tell me, "Rock that body while it's still hot baby!!!" I'll always be this way, until I die. No one said you had to look honey. 😋👋💁🏼🌻 #CombatBarbie #BeYOU #BeYOUtiful #Girly #Feminine #Military #GirlPower #SELFLOVE #MissAmerica #SpreadPositivity #NeverBeenaHater #Throwback #2015 #AMERICA #FREEDOM #Maxim #FHM #Chive #LikeGrandmaLikeGranddaughter

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La sargento se describe en la red social como una “mujer-mujer” y le ha dicho a sus fans que: "No huiré con tu hombre. No te odiaré porque eres hermosa. No te voy a poner abajo”.

“Te diré si tienes lápiz labial en los dientes. Celebraré tu éxito como el mío. Voy a guardar tus secretos. Te defenderé ferozmente. Me reiré contigo y lloraré contigo”.

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