Este 2015 más de un millón de migrantes llegaron a Europa


Este año la cantidad de migrantes que llegó a Europa por mar y tierra sobre paso el millón.

De acuerdo con la Organización Internacional de Migración (IOM por sus siglas en inglés), contabilizó hasta el lunes un total de un millón cinco mil 504 llegadas.

Las cifras muestran que más de 971 mil migrantes llegaron por el mar Mediterráneo y al menos 34 mil cruzaron por tierra.

Today, on International Migrants Day, a letter to an "Ali Baba worker" found dead in Singapore. A piece I wrote 10 years ago in my old persona. I had forgotten about it until a young reporter, who is writing about my past (and present), dug it up from the archives a few days ago and asked me about it. A Burmese worker -- undocumented and known colloquially as an "Ali Baba worker" -- had been dumped, dead, in a carpark in northeast Singapore. Reporting the bare bones of the news did not feel enough. In the form of an open letter to his mother, I put down my thoughts, reflections on the many issues I had seen as a labour reporter at the time. I think it was a catharsis of a sort. The editor for the paper's weekend edition, Ken Jalleh Junior, let the piece run in full, long and almost unaltered. Other editors disagreed, worried about repercussions and upset that I had signed off as "a Singaporean". The paper I wrote for at the time had a limited readership, and the Internet was not big then. NGO founder Bridget Tan read the piece, phoned me up and organised a modest memorial for the worker. It felt like the least we could do. Ten years have flown past, I'd all but forgotten about this; the issues remain. Full post at: --------- Pictured: Oct 2014, Bangka, Indonesia, on assignment for Le Monde: Migrant workers from other parts of Indonesia working on the island of Bangka, mining tin, mostly on illegal dredges in the sea, diving deep into the sea with large suction tubes to suck tin ore up from the sea bed, risking life and limb for a bit of the material that goes into making solder wire for our smartphones, laptops and flatscreen TVs. @viiphoto #migration #migrant #labour #workers

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De los que han viajado por mar, tres mil 695 fallecieron ahogados o continúan desaparecidos. La IOM señala que fueron esto significó 10 muertes por día durante el año.

Por su parte, uno de cada dos refugiados son de origen sirio que tenían como objetivo huir de la guerra civil que se vive en su país natal.

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